The 4pm service is an all-age family service held in the All Saints Centre. (Holy Communion 3rd Sunday)

WHAT HAPPENS AT 4pm? – The Barber Family

We have been coming to the 4 o’clock service since it started over 8 years ago. There was a demand for a service that suited younger families and families who had sporting commitments in the morning. The service is held in the All Saints’ Centre with families sitting around small tables. For worship we sing a number of children’s songs (with actions!) along with the more traditional songs. The service averages around 30-40 people so everyone gets to know each other very well. We hold a number of picnics throughout the year which are great fun. The service is particularly popular with teenagers with a teenager based group and every two weeks an after Church social. Sunday school has on average 10-15 children ranging from 3 to 11 years of age. We generally have 30 minutes of teaching time which often involves games, acting, craft, quizzes, reading and prayers. We encourage all children to participate in prayer so that talking to Jesus becomes familiar to them from a young age. Above all we want the children to experience Jesus in a fun and friendly atmosphere which they look forward to each week. We love going to the 4 o’clock service as it is more focussed on younger families and teenagers and being smaller in number encourages everyone to get to know each other.

If this has made you more curious then come along and see and hear for yourself! Everyone is welcome no matter what the years tell you!

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