All Saints is an evangelical Anglican Church. Our congregations are made up of different ages and backgrounds and everyone receives a warm welcome. You will find both traditional and contemporary worship in our services because we love the rich heritage of the church whilst we also seek to be relevant to our ever changing culture. The values below are ones that we hold central in our life together, They will give you an idea of what makes us tick and why we worship with our whole heart Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The reason we know anything more than generalities about God is because he has spoken and revealed his nature and purposes in the Bible. For that reason we are committed at All Saints to teach the Bible in church, home groups and in our families. God breathes his life into us as we hear him speak.


The gospel is our passion. It is clear from the suffering and conflict we daily witness that something is not right with our world; but the Good News is that God has acted in history to put all things right in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. There is hope for our world and forgiveness and life for those who trust in all that God has accomplished through Jesus death on the cross.


In Jesus we discover true humanity. This is how we are supposed to live and the Holy Spirit does the seemingly impossible in our lives by changing us to be like him. He also brings us together in the family of God, the church. We encourage and support each other, and together take part in God’s mission to redeem us and our communities for his glory and our good.


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When a church was first built on this site in 1879, it was surrounded by fields and was, by some, considered ‘remote from the population’! However, Eastbourne was growing rapidly and within twenty years the population had doubled.

In September 1927, as the parish was beginning to look forward to celebrating its golden jubilee, tragedy struck when the church was gutted by fire. The inside of the church was reduced to a mass of charred and twisted wreckage, leaving only the tower and the outside shell.

With improved plans the new building was built and the first service was held in the present building in June 1929. Since that date the building has been used continually to the praise and glory of our God. The All Saints Centre was built for the service of the community and was opened in 2007.

All Saints’ Church is committed to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and ensuring their well-being. The Church has a safeguarding policy which is reviewed annually and is available on request from the church office.

The current Safeguarding team is Jo Whiteman, Sue Walker and Patricia Moore.

To view our policies and other useful safeguarding documents please click here or contact Jo Whiteman or Hilary Dale, Church Administrator.

All Saints’ Church completed a review of all health and safety policies in November 2015 to maintain sharp focus upon the protection of all people who come into, and work in, the church, our grounds and The All Saints’ Centre

For further information on the policies, risk assessments and the protection of people on our premises, please click here or contact Andy Turner, Churchwarden or Hilary Dale, Church Administrator.