If you would like more information about our bells ,  one of our ringers, Pip Pawley, has written an excellent interesting booklet which contains historical, technical and details of our bells and ringing activities over the last 130 years.  

Please make a donation to our bell restoration fund today to ensure that our bells at All Saints’ Church continue to ring out over Eastbourne into the next century
Sadly, bells no longer ring out from many of the Anglican Churches built in England over the last three hundred years and their bells have fallen into disrepair.  Visitors to Eastbourne and members of our congregation tell us that we are so fortunate at All Saints’ Church to have a 130-year-old peal of 8 bells which still ring out regularly from our tower on Sunday Mornings.
We have now reached a time, after 130+ years of ringing, when the bells need their first major overhaul and restoration of worn parts.  The total cost of the refurbishment will be in the region of £70K.