Nov 2016
The Truth of the Gospels

I received the question today, ‘How do we know the Bible isn’t a story like Beowulf?’ The question came from a primary school child who had been learning about Beowulf that morning. It’s a good question though isn’t it? We were talking about the Gospels at the time and so we’ll limit our answer to the truth of the Gospels here as well. There are two points that are worth considering. First, sources. The opinion of most people who study the Gospels is that Mark was written first (60s AD), followed by......

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Oct 2016
She Never Gave up Praying

‘Behind every great man lies a great woman’. A lady called Monica had a son. Being a Christian she began to pray for him from birth. Like many young people the boy grew up amid temptations in the world around and was charmed by them. She never gave up praying. She wept, she begged, she prayed. She longed for the Lord to bring her son to himself. It seemed as though he just got farther away. He rejected Christ and joined another religion. She never gave up praying. He was finally brought......

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May 2016
Distinctive in serving others

Bible by the Beach has finished for another year. Many have been richly blessed by the teaching, the worship, fellowship, meeting up with old friends – the simple joy of being with God’s people and realising that we are not alone, that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves, than All Saints and Eastbourne: we are part of God’s ultimate purposes to conform us to Christ, to bring us to maturity in him so we are fit for the restoration of all things in the New Creation, presented to the......

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