Going for Growth – FAQs!

Going for Growth - FAQs!

Saints’ Together Sunday
It was great to enjoy time together on 6th November as a whole church family. Being all in the same place at the same place for a number of hours reminded us of our common aim to grow together in Christ as his church and fulfil his calling on our life together.

What we asked of each other
The main thrust of the presentation to the church family centred on the need for us to support the work of All Saints’ by ‘each playing our part’. This comes from Paul’s teaching to the Ephesians where he says:  “From Christ the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”

One area of church life
In order to facilitate this we have divided the ministry and mission of the church into seven areas and asked everyone in the church to align themselves behind one area. The purpose is to see this area develop, flourish and not be neglected within the life of the church. This will serve to deepen our commitment to Jesus and share him with others. The principle way in which this will happen is through twice-yearly forums and also through prayer updates.

But I still have many questions! and comments…
Don’t we all!
But here are a few with some response that might help.

I’m already doing too much in church!

This plan is not seeking to increase anyone’s load. All we are asking is that you get involved with one area in a strategic and prayerful way. This is an opportunity to re-assess how we are serving Jesus through All Saints’ and draw back from some things and invest in other areas. There need not, however, be any change in your current commitments.

I’m not really able to be involved in church life.

This is one of the reasons why we are launching this initiative. We can all be involved. We want even those who are unable to come out to services to feel included through committing to pray for the church. Others of us feel that we have neither the resources or skills to contribute. Being more aware of the issues and challenges of one area of church life might reveal opportunities of how we can serve others of which we were previously unaware.

I’m not sure what area to put down.

Pray about it, asking yourself where your interest and passions lie and where God might want you to contribute. It might even be a new challenge outside your comfort-zone. But that’s great for our spiritual growth.

If there are any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask Duncan or Robert.