All Saints’ Church completed a review of all health and safety policies in November 2015 to maintain sharp focus upon the protection of all people who come into, and work in, the church, our grounds and The All Saints’ Centre

A full three-year review of all policies, risk assessments etc. was completed in January 2019

For further information on the policies, risk assessments and the protection of people please contact – Andy Turner, Churchwarden or Hilary Dale, Church Administrator.

Health & Safety

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Our health and safety policy was approved at a meeting of the Parochial Church Council on 10th December 2015. 

The three-year review document and updated Health and Safety policy document was approved in January 2019.

A copy of the January 2019 annual review can be found by clicking here

Fire Safety

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Following training held in February, there is a fully qualified team of Fire Marshals.  Further details can be found on the health and safety noticeboard.

Public Performances

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The policy covers all activities in the church and The All Saints’ Centre and is also applicable to all who hire the church facilities. 

Accidents & First Aid

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A list of people trained and qualified in first aid is posted on the health and safety noticeboard.


All Saints’ Church takes the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults very seriously. There is a safeguarding team who support each other in overseeing all activities, procedures and policies, as well as ensuring there is training support for all who work as volunteers in our various groups. 

For further information on the policies and procedures regarding safeguarding please contact – Jo Whiteman.

Safeguarding Policy

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Our Safeguarding policy was approved at a meeting of the Parochial Church Council in June 2021

Responding to Allegations

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Responding to Safeguarding Allegations in the Parish: Parish Policy and Guidance

Incident recording sheet

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A proforma for recording safeguarding incidents.

Parish Whistleblowing Policy

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Expressing Concerns and ‘Whistleblowing’: Policy and Guidance

E-Safety Policy

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All Saints’ Parish E-Safety Policy