All Saints’ Church is always pleased to welcome thanksgiving or baptism enquiries both for children and adults, In the case of infant thanksgiving or baptism we very much affirm the desire to bring a child up within the community of faith. We take these actions very seriously, and we would want to take the opportunity to spend some time thinking through what the promises mean. It is our hope and expectation that parents would be active and practising members of the church. If you would like to discuss it further, please contact the Church Manager (Tel: 01323732823). If you are interested in an adult baptism and have not previously been baptised, you may like to consider being baptised. We are always pleased when adults wish to be baptised. After a short course of preparation we would be pleased to make the arrangements.


Many people, having been baptised as children, appreciate the opportunity of making the promises for themselves and the opportunity is given once a year at a service of confirmation. Others like to get confirmed because it also marks formal acceptance into the Anglican church. This may well help those who have joined from other denominations and wish to become Anglican, or those who have been baptised earlier but whose faith has become alive more recently. If you are interested, please contact the Church Manager (Tel: 01323732823).


If you are interested in getting married, we would be delighted to discuss this further with you. The normal requirements are that you live in the parish or that you are on our electoral roll as an active member. However, if you have some more informal contact with the church, you may also be able to be married here. Please contact the Church Manager (Tel: 01323732823) for more information.


All Saints’ is also here for you in the saddest moments of life. We will be pleased to sympathetically help you with a Funeral or ‘Celebration of lLife’ service in honour of a loved one. We can also provide refreshments for your guests after the service if required. Please contact the Church Manager  (Tel: 01323732823) for further details.