We understand the focus of the Mission of God for All Saints’ to be “Growth in Christ”; encouraging people to know, love, follow Jesus and to grow as His disciples in worship and witness to the truth of the gospel.



B.E.S.T. ( Bursaries Enabling Strategic Training) – Betty Anderson

B.E.S.T. is part of Crosslinks. Crosslinks formerly BCMS (The Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society) is an evangelical mission agency facilitating partnerships largely within the Anglican Communion, and works with over a thousand churches in Britain and Ireland and is in fellowship with Churches in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Canada and Australia. Crosslinks provides personnel, sponsorship for theological students and support for local mission wherever it happens. All Saints’ Church is helping to support two students through BEST enabling them to study in their own Country.  Many of the students are also in full or part-time ministry within their own Churches. At the present time we are supporting a student from Kenya and also a student from Vietnam.

COMPASSION – Ian Gardner

Compassion’s purpose is summed up in their logo “Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name”. First there is the Child Survival Programme which supports the most vulnerable expectant mothers and their babies. Malnourished children are supported and fed, and young mothers are trained how to sustain and protect their babies.

Second, there is the Child Sponsorship Programme by which a child is linked to a sponsor who supports that child in development centres.

Third, there is the Leadership Development Programme which identifies students who have outstanding academic and Christian leadership potential.

Fourthly, Respond is a programme to meet the needs of children over and above usual needs at every stage from birth to early adulthood.

CROSSLINKS – Betty Anderson

Crosslinks exists to serve individuals and churches to play their part in God’s mission. Discovering what the Bible teaches about God’s mission, exploring your part in it and then engaging in gospel partnerships describes Crosslinks’ work in Britain and Ireland. Making possible various means of mission – long term, short term and indigenous – defines Crosslinks’ work in the wider world. Through Crosslinks we support Jessica and Jonathan Heeb and their two children Jean-Paul and Nathan in Helsinki, Finland and they appreciate this close link.

Jonathan teaches in a Bible College and Jessica continues to help in a music group and have one-to-one Bible studies with women.

FALCON CAMPS – Christine Costambeys

Falcon Camps are part of the work of the Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS), which is an Anglican Evangelical Mission working with churches mainly in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. These camps provide fun holidays to disadvantaged youngsters aged from 8 to 18 with a range of activities that includes craftwork, sports pursuits and various outings. There are also short evening meetings with Christian teaching and time to speak about God.

FAMILY SUPPORT WORK – Val Hobden & Alison Fenton

Originally, it was formed to support unmarried mothers and their babies, and then it became an adoption society and finally became the organisation it is today.  FSW works intensively with families to overcome difficult periods in their lives with positive, emotional and practical advice and support through home visits; one-to-one meetings; support groups and drop-ins; signposting to other agencies for legal and financial issues; arranging trained volunteers to work alongside our professional staff; offering information on benefits, housing problems, health and education issues, advocacy and parenting.  The free and confidential support is offered to parents or carers and their children in many areas of East and West Sussex.  This includes anyone who has the responsibility for the care of children, whether they are married, single, separated, partners, divorced, bereaved or grandparents.


The Mission, now based near Tower Bridge – hence the logo – has gone from strength to strength, employs about 200 people (80 of them missionaries), is non-denominational and is constantly trying to find new ways and means to help Londoners.   There is established outreach among staff in the emergency services – train drivers, hospital ministry and in the ships at the docks, where the chaplains can be of great support, befriending and praying.   Also, much practical help is offered to the homeless and marginalised in special centres or in co-operation with churches in various districts.

A recent publication states:-

“While London has successfully addressed many of the terrible social conditions of the 19th Century, it still faces many challenges …… above all, there is still a deep spiritual hunger, and we remain committed to our vision of sharing Jesus Christ with all London and loving this great city.”


The Mission Statement states that OAC seeks to present the Gospel of Christ by all means, working with the Church with particular emphasis on open air and outgoing evangelism.   This is summed up in the OAC motto “Presenting Christ by all means everywhere.”

An Evangelist and a team are operating in every major concentration of people in the United Kingdom as well as being instrumental in starting similar works in many other European countries and over 30 countries worldwide.  The goal of OAC is to proclaim the Gospel to the lost of this country in a sensitive and relevant way to our culture – communicating a 2,000-year old message in a 21st century way.

Numerous people that have first been contacted on the street have subsequently joined churches and become Christians.

In the Sussex Area, Derek Heyman, who has preached at All Saints’ a number of times, keeps busy with regular open air work.

OPEN DOORS – Peter Cooper 

Open Doors exists to strengthen the church to be the church in the most hostile places.
In over 50 countries, Open Doors is supplying Bibles, training church leaders, delivering Scripture-based literacy programmes and supporting Christians who suffer for their faith. In the UK and Ireland, Open Doors strives to raise awareness of global persecution, mobilising prayer, support and action among Christians.

Open Doors works to meet this need through writing, translating, printing and distributing a wide range of items in various languages, including Children’s Bibles, MP3 Bibles and discipleship literature.
Few leaders in the persecuted church have had any theological education.   Open Doors offers training in effective church leadership and discipling others, all in the context of helping believers grow in their faith and understanding, and stand strong through the storm of persecution.
Persecution means that families lose their breadwinner to imprisonment or death. Open Doors brings practical support to families, to widows, to orphans, to the victims of violence or natural disaster.

PARCHE   (Pastoral Action in the Residential Homes of England.) – Linda Humphreys

Parche is a Church based ministry of Christian Teams bringing fellowship, comfort, Bible study and Communion to the Residential Care Homes.  In Eastbourne, Parche Teams lead Services in 73 different Homes each month.

Parche aims to be available to meet the spiritual needs of every elderly person in residential care. It achieves this aim by supporting existing pastoral care, holding a monthly Service in each home.

Parche in Eastbourne has grown from an idea first conceived by Mrs Buddy Reeve in 1997.  It is now a sustainable project supported by Trustees and charitable status. Financial needs are met by donations from local churches and from individuals.


The People Matter Charitable Trust was established by local Christians in 1997 to provide quality information, advice, career guidance, practical help and encouragement to job seekers in Eastbourne and the surrounding area.  During 2013 the charity helped over 1,300 clients, either at town centre offices in Gildredge Road or at ROC Seaside.

Every individual has a unique set of God given talents and abilities, which enables them to contribute to the community in which they live, and our Mission is to help people realise their potential.

We aim to Develop Quality Services, Deliver Careers Information Advice and Guidance support, maximise the use of our in-house accommodation & training facilities, by marketing and delivering Getting a Job workshops and, lastly, by providing local employers with recruitment and matching service using our client CV database.

SAMS/CMS – Betty Anderson

The South American Mission Society is now part of The Church Missionary Society. Charles Barr-Johnston, together with his late wife Lynn, have been missionaries with SAMS for many years, and although Charles is retired he is still working in Northern Argentina.    Charles takes Bible studies in his home several times a week for students who are in training for the ministry and during his time in Salta and Juarez, Charles planted new Churches there and now visits them encouraging the Ministers and congregations.


For the past 25 years Spinnaker has grown consistently as a mission based Christian organisation visiting primary schools. Supported by many churches, individuals and some trust funds, their aim is to support primary schools with their Collective Worship programmes and engaging RE lessons that help children of all backgrounds to explore Christianity. They have developed training programmes and offer on-line as well as in-school resources for church workers, schools and
teachers. The Spinnaker team currently visit over 100 primary schools, mostly in South London every two weeks as they seek to establish a long term commitment to each school contacted. Some schools have been visited by a team member of Spinnaker for over 17 years. Their operational work is divided into a number of area hubs, including Ashford, Worthing and Epsom as well as central and South London. Eastbourne is the latest hub.  The Director in Eastbourne is Martin Sweet.

TEARFUND  – Beth Pilley

In 1960 – World Refugee Year – compassionate Christians sent gifts to the Evangelical Alliance. The terrible famine in Biafra in 1968 prompted the public launch of the fund under the leadership of the Reverend George Hoffman. He had a vision to ensure that the Evangelical Church was doing more than just preaching the Gospel and so The Evangelical Alliance Relief fund – TEARFUND – was born.

Tearfund is based in Teddington and now works in over 50 of the world’s poorest countries.  We at All Saints support the charity in many ways. Many of the congregation give by direct debit; some give me cash each month which I forward to the Children at Risk programme, and then we have our concentrated fund raising projects plus the cash offerings from Harvest and Christmas. Since 2010 we have been giving through a Connected Church project in the Kigezi Diocese of Uganda to provide clean water and sanitation.


The aim of Wycliffe is to partner with churches and individuals to make the Bible available to every people group.  The Vision of this Mission is, together with its partners worldwide, to see a Bible translation programme begin in all the remaining languages that need one by the year 2025.

The Missionaries linked to All Saints’ Church are John and Pam Blakeley and they are now Consultants and work mainly from their home in Southampton via the internet. From time to time, they travel to Asia to train translators and to oversee local workshops.