New website for a new year

New website for a new year

As we become firmly established in this new year we are really pleased to launch the new All Saints’ church website. Andrew Barber has worked really hard to put this together and we are so thankful for all his work and the support of others.

A website is never a finished product and you will continue to see changes, particularly over the next few months. Our hope is that church members  will see the potential of the site and give us some feedback on how to improve things. Leaders of church groups will be able to have their own page and only need to supply Duncan with the material you would like to include and any photos.

Keeping in touch with everything at All Saints is never easy and the website will help us all. Catch up on missed sermons – particularly useful when there is a series, download grapevine and the prayer diary, and keep up to date with All Saints upcoming events.

Have an explore on your computer, tablet or phone.


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