Throughout the Diocese, as the Church year begins again, we are being encouraged to engage in the Year of the Bible. At All Saints our first reaction may be – ‘well every year is a year of the Bible’. I hope this is true, but if you’re anything like me, it is easy to take for granted what we hold dear in life; easy to assume the everything important is in place as they always have been. However, we are easily mistaken in life and if nothing else, this year gives us the opportunity to go down in to the cellar, strip back the plaster and ensure the foundations are in fact still in place. 

I will be encouraging us all to engage in something this year that takes us back to the bible to read for ourselves what God has given us through his prophets and Apostles by the Holy Spirit. For me, it will be to read, read and read the words I treasure. I refrain from reading so often when I am overwhelmed by the perplexity of interpreting correctly scripture, of attempting to extract doctrine from every verse beset by the possibility that I have got it wrong. It’s very tiring as many of you will know. So this year I will simply read. Read in big chunks, devour narrative, recite Psalms, speak proverbs and wisdom to myself, gaze at Jesus in the gospels, adventure with the early church as they carry the dynamite of Good News into the world and read of the destiny of the world and God’s people. Cranmer prays that we would ‘read, mark, learn and inwardly digest’ scripture and if we only get as far as the read this year, well we will have made a good start.

Watch out for some resources and events to help us in this year and do be ready to encourage one another as we challenge ourselves. Read the bible in the year? Twice in the year? Whatever our goal we can be assured that God will speak to us through the Holy Spirit as we read his word, we will be nourished, encouraged, disciplined, challenged and inspired. 


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